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Acting Instruction

Programs that provide classes or individual lessons for people who want to learn or perfect their ability to portray a variety of characters on stage or in film or television productions or commercials.

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Arts and Crafts Instruction

Programs that provide classes, individual lessons or other opportunities for people who want to learn or perfect their skills and techniques in any of a variety of visual art forms or crafts.

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Arts Appreciation

Programs that offer classes or lecture series which teach the history and fundamentals of any of the arts including architecture, art, music, opera, dance, theatre and film.

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Computer and Related Technology Classes

Programs that provide instruction for individuals of all ages who want to learn about or perfect their skills in operating, programming and/or utilizing computers and computer-related hardware for specific home and business applications including word processing, spreadsheet development, presentation development, database management, electronic publishing, image processing and Internet access. Included are introductory classes for people unfamiliar with computers and the Internet that help participants develop basic computer literacy skills and courses that focus on the knowledge and skills needed to use particular software applications or accomplish other computer-related tasks. Also included are programs that provide instruction in the use of related technology such as PDA's and smartphones; and those that help participants understand and take full advantage of Internet tools broadly known as "social media" that enable people to create and share on the Internet content which may include text, images, video, audio and multimedia communications or other emerging applications that can be accessed via the computer. Classes may focus on publishing tools such as blogs, video logs (vlogs), photo sharing, podcasting (audio stories broadcast from the Web or downloaded to a computer or portable media players) or wikis (collaboratively edited web pages); or introduce participants to social media in general.

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Cooking Classes

Programs that provide instruction, demonstrations and special programs in the culinary arts for individuals of all ages who want to become proficient in the selection and preparation of any of a number dishes that are representative of different cuisines. Included are programs aimed at teaching low income people how to cook nutritious meals from fresh ingredients at a cost much cheaper than pre-packaged meals.

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Dance Instruction

Programs that provide classes or individual lessons for people who want to learn or perfect their skills, grace, rhythm, coordination and individual expression when executing or participating in any of a number of different dance forms.

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Do It Yourself Instruction

Programs that provide classes, individualized instruction or other opportunities for hobbyists or other amateurs who want to learn or perfect their skills in a trade or craft such as cabinetry, carpentry, masonry, auto mechanics, painting, plastering, or furniture refinishing, which enables them to do their own construction or repairs without assistance from paid professionals.

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Driver Training

Programs that provide behind the wheel instruction for individuals who want to learn to drive a motor vehicle including automobiles, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, tractors and other farm equipment.

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Home Food Preservation Instruction

Programs that offer classes which teach people methods for safely preparing and preserving food at home so that it can be stored for future use. Participants may learn the science behind food spoilage and the causes of food-borne illness as well as specific techniques and recipes for canning fruits and vegetables, pickling fruits and vegetables, preserving jams, jellies and conserves, smoking and curing fish and meats, and dehydrating and freezing food. Home food preservation is a good way for families, especially those who grow their own food, to limit their intake of salt and other additives commonly found in commercially preserved foods and stretch their food budget.

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Language Instruction

Programs that provide classes or individual instruction for people who want to learn or perfect their skills in another language. Included are programs that offer instruction in languages other than English or French (often referred to as foreign languages), indigenous languages (languages of the peoples native to North America), heritage languages (languages to which an individual has a cultural connection) which may also be indigenous or foreign languages depending on the community context, and languages that are at risk for extinction and need to be preserved to pass them along to future generations.

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Model Building Instruction

Programs that introduce people of all ages, but usually children and youth, to the art of constructing scale replicas of ships, aircraft, cars, trains and other vehicles or three-dimensional objects. Students learn the basics of design for a particular type of vehicle as well as the scientific principles according to which they operate.

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Music Instruction

Programs that provide classes, individual lessons or other opportunities for people who want to learn or perfect their skills in music composition and/or performance.

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Needlecraft Instruction

Programs that provide classes, individual lessons or other opportunities for people who want to learn or improve their ability to design, make and finish garments and craft items utilizing a wide variety of construction techniques.

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Outdoor Environmental Education

Programs that offer open-air learning experiences, particularly for schoolchildren, that promote appreciation for and understanding of local ecosystems and our fundamental connections to the world around us. Activities may include identification of plants, insects and animals and exploration of their habitats, learning about weather and its relationship to environmental processes, geological history and demonstrations of the importance of biodiversity and sustainability. Students may investigate the life cycles of animals in a pond; observe the growth and reproduction of common plant species; examine the form and function of leaves, stems, roots and flowers and how these features help to classify plants; consider the interrelationship between predator and prey; learn how different animals grow and change with the seasons; learn and practice compass navigation and other outdoor skills; and/or make other discoveries which foster engaged and responsible environmental citizenship. Outdoor education programs may be provided through schools, conservation authorities or other organizations.

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Parent/Child Instruction

Programs that provide structured opportunities for parents to engage in a particular recreational activity or sport in cooperation with their infants or young children, or to participate in teaching their youngsters a particular leisure-time skill.

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Public Speaking

Programs that teach people the art of public speaking, oratory, debating or other forms of public address and provide opportunities for them to practice their skills.

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Tiny Tots

Programs that provide classes which feature recreational activities that are specifically designed for children age three to five. The classes may include arts and crafts, storytelling, singing, music and rhythm, tumbling and other age-appropriate pursuits.

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Wilderness Training

Programs that provide training for people who want to learn to survive in the mountains, the desert or other wilderness areas primarily by using resources that are naturally available. Most programs ask trainees to spend a period of time in the wilderness to demonstrate the skills they have developed and provide certificates for participants who pass the final test.

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Writing Instruction

Programs that provide classes, individualized instruction or other opportunities for people who want to develop or perfect their writing skills. Included are classes that address basic craft and technique as well as those that focus on writing in plain language or writing fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, journals, business correspondence, reports and other specializations.

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